The only licensed air advertising and banner towing company in Egypt, our clients include some of the largest multinational corporations, including

Ramsis Aviation
Ramsis International Corporation for Aviation and Spraying established in 1977 has been Trading over Aviation, Spraying, Air Advertising products and services with its owned fleet of 40 Cessna Aircrafts.
Ramsis Aerail and Agiculture Aviation
The only licensed Company for aerial & agriculture aviation in Egypt with an Air Operator Certificate. Crop Spraying,fertilizing, spreading & dusting.
We use two types of Aircrafts
1-Fixed Wings(Turbine Thrush & Cessna AG Truck)
Spraying Equipment
A-Micronair atomisers (AU 5000)
B-Automatic flow control
c- Spreader
D- CPU nozzels

Guidance Equipment
A-Satellite Global Positioning system( GPS)
B-Satloc system is a parallel-swathing system developed for aerial application.


Ramsis Ltd Sudan was founded in 1993 and is the leading crop spraying company in the region.